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Getting started on Resonance Repatternin®g, navigating your account, finding your program and troubleshooting

Getting Started

Q. We have 3 websites used for specific purposes

1 – Repatterning main website

    • This is the main website that educates the public about Repatterning and also supports you.

2 – Ravenall Institute Home Study website website

    • All of your purchased Self Paced courses are listed in your account and can be watched anytime
    • The Repatterning Membership Community Events that you attend will also be in your account to watch again.

3 – Repatterning Community website

    • This is your Membership Community where you have access to:
      • Your Membership Directory which features your bio that you want to share with the public
      • Events that you want to attend
      • Your LTP (License to Practice) card
      • A library that contains materials to help you on your career journey: Logos: Educational material; Forms; Docs for your business

See what Repatterning opportunities are open to you


Q. What are my login details? I can’t login. I forgot my password.

Account details:

  • Your username: Is the email address that you used when you registered on the website.
  • You created a password – if you can’t find it you can always reset your password. Please keep it in a safe place.

You registered with a different email address:

  • If you use multiple email addresses, you might be checking the wrong inbox.

You are trying to access the wrong website:

  • If you use multiple email addresses, you might be checking the wrong inbox. (see Getting Started)

How To Not Miss Important Repatterning Updates

  • You are waiting for an important email from us, but you can’t find it in your inbox? As a Gmail user, you will most likely find our emails in your “Promotions” tab or possibly in the Spam/Junk folder

Add us to your contact list:

If you find our email in the Spam/Junk or Promotions folder, all you need to do is to either:

Move or drag the email into your primary inbox. Or better yet, add the following emails to your contacts.

That way you won’t miss out on anything in the future!

Program Access

How to Find Your Programs

How to access your programs, what to do if you can’t find them


Q. How To Reset Or Recover Your Password

    • CLICK on LOGIN on upper corner of website
    • Underneath username, email address & login button CLICK on LOST YOUR PASSWORD?

Delete Cookies

How to delete the cookies & browsing data of your internet browser

How to delete your cookies and internet data

  • All you need to do is clear your internet browser cache and cookies, which are bits of information stored by your web browser. Information such as website preferences and past login data.

Clear your cache & cookies on a Mac computer

  • Open your internet browser, like Firefox or Chrome.
  • At the same time, press Command-Shift-Delete.

    Clear your cache & cookies on a Windows computer

    • Open your internet browser, like Firefox or Chrome.
    • At the same time, press Ctrl-Shift-Delete.

      Below are more detailed instructions for the 3 most popular web browsers today.

      We strongly suggest using Google Chrome as it’s the most compatible with our platforms. Should you decide to continue using either Firefox or Safari, please be aware that you may face technical issues.

      Clearing cookies resolves conflicts when older cookies aren’t overwritten by new ones.

      If the issue still persists after clearing cookies and using Google Chrome, please contact our Customer Support by clicking on the Live Chat box on the lower right corner and our agents will assist you further.

      Q. Troubleshooting video & audio issues on your browser or App

      Video & Audio Issues In Your Web Browser

      Please check these possible reasons why you are experiencing issues.

      1. Connection is everything: make sure your internet is as fast as possible so that you can have an uninterrupted learning experience!
      2. A fresh start: If the video has been loading for an eternity, it is time to hit refresh!
      3. Cookies, cookies everywhere! These sweet little pieces of information might be outdated and so they prevent you from accessing the content. You need some spring cleaning! Here is how to clear your cookies.
      4. Google Chrome is your best friend: This time-tested browser works best with our content, give it a try!
      5. Go private: Try copying the link of the page in an Incognito window.
      6. Are you in the right place? Log out from your account and log in again, make sure it’s with the right email address!

      Q. Video / Audio Issues On Your Mobile Devices

      If you are accessing a Home Study course, these tips should be helpful

      • Check if you have a good internet connection. If not, streaming will most likely be problematic.
      • Log out from your Account and log in again.
      • As a final resort, please make sure that the Operating System of your phone is up to date (it might be too old to support the App)
      • If you are accessing it through the web, apart from above mentioned first two tips, you should also:
      • Download and use Google Chrome as a browser on your mobile device
      • Copy the link of the chapter you’re trying to reach and open it in an Incognito window
      • If none of the steps above help – clearing your cookies (browsing history) should be the final solution

      Contact us

      RRII Customer Support experience just got better!

      You can now contact us 24/7 through Live Chat on our website by clicking on the Live Chat box on the lower right corner and our agents will assist you further.

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      You can also email us at

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