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Many practitioners of Repatterning hold licenses in other professions and have successfully integrated Repatterning into their existing practice. In fact, they often find that Repatterning becomes their primary focus due to its ability to deliver faster and more effective results. Repatterning seamlessly integrates with other professions, allowing practitioners to leverage their existing knowledge and training to accelerate the healing and transformation process.

Moreover, there are numerous individuals who have chosen Repatterning as a career without a healthcare or similar background. These practitioners come from diverse backgrounds such as business, law, finance, and more. They have recognized the rewarding nature of Repatterning and have embraced it as a fulfilling career choice.

The possibilities for growth and advancement in Repatterning are virtually limitless.

Once you become a qualified practitioner, you have the opportunity to apply to become a teacher. If you are not already certified, you will need to complete the practitioner certification within the next 24 months and also undergo Trauma Training, unless you already possess suitable trauma training.

As a teacher, you can progress to become an instructor and eventually teach each of the programs in the basic series when you feel ready. If you believe you are prepared right away, that’s perfectly fine too! You will attend a teacher training program and then undergo assessments for each program you wish to teach. If you need assistance, a mentor will be assigned to guide you throughout your journey.

You will also have the opportunity to mentor students alongside another teacher, allowing you to work with real students under the guidance of the mentorship committee.

It’s worth noting that Repatterning attracts practitioners from diverse backgrounds who may not have a healthcare or similar background. Individuals from various professions such as business, law, finance, and more have found Repatterning to be a fulfilling and rewarding career choice.

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