Trauma to Transcendence : Breaking the hold of the childhood brain on your adult self (Live online)

Trauma to Transcendence : Breaking the hold of the childhood Brain on your adult self
  • Dates: September 7, 14, 21, and 28.
  • Online: Zoom
  • Time: 5pm SA time / 9am MX time.
  • Duration: The training will span four days, with each session lasting 4 hours. In total, it will be a comprehensive 2-day training program.


Brain development is much more than a story about biology. From our earliest years, relationships with others play a key role in shaping how our brain grows and develops. From early experiences of neglect, lack of love or just not having our needs met, we generate beliefs and we have two kinds of beliefs, those that are helpful and those that are harmful. These early experiences trip us up in early childhood and impact our brain development in such a significant way. The child adapts as we know, and learns a new way of being that they create as the new familiar– fast forward to adult, having forgotten about the decisions made, the adult finds potential is reduced and far too limiting and self-defeating.

This 4-week Live Online Quest starts September 7th. Through live sessions combined with powerful guided exercises and real-world applications. You’ll get to master skills that help you understand how and when you got stuck, which strategies you keep repeating in your adult life, where these came from, how to change them and how to transform your life.

IDEALLY: It will be beneficial for you to know muscle checking – and if you don’t know how to do this we encourage you to sign up to learn it here – prior to the programme Coherence Muscle Testing (Self Study Online)