Resonance Repatterning 03 Unconscious Patterns (Self Study RR Online)

Resonance Repatterning® 03 Unconscious Patterns

(Self Study Online)


The brain’s neural pathways are so habitually used that they appear to be “who I am”. Rather these are activated and created in response to earlier experiences, stresses, beliefs and ways of viewing oneself and life. Earlier experiences initiate the neural connections of our brain pathways and by changing our resonance with our earlier experiences (our unconscious belief and feeling response patterns) we can change our brain’s neural responses and how we function in life. Modern brain research has proven the plasticity of the brain – that brain-nerve connections and pathways can be modified, that even when neurons (nerve cells die and apparently cannot be re-generated, other areas of the brain can and do take over for the non-functioning part; and that new neural connections can be made, right into old age, to support continued positive change, flexibility, intelligence, memory, youthfulness and the ability to regain function – in spite of strokes, accidents, paralysis, ADD, autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s.