Resonance Repatterning 01 Fundamentals (Self Study Online)

Resonance Repatterning ® 01 Fundamentals

(Self Study Online)


If we are not experiencing an abundance of love and joy, growth and expansion or we are frustrated by pain and anxiety or a lack of fulfillment with ourself an in our relationships, or we have any symptom of depression or disease, these signs are telling us that we have lost our optimal resonant frequency, that our frequencies are out of sync with each other.  Applying the fundamentals will give you the capacity to bring your frequencies back into sync or coherence at a fundamental level. Continuing the journey with the seminars you will regain your optimal frequency and as you apply the tools in every day life, feel a heightened sense of happiness joy and well being on all levels as well as a sense of balance within yourself as you handle the outer stresses and strains of your life.